Hello! I am Cameron Costin Clevenger Stephens, but I use the screen name C³ SABERTOOTH as my animation pseudonym!

Some things about me? I love purple. And cats. And science fiction. Also, it's my dream to someday become a world-renown super villain! Unfortunately, untamed malice and schemes of world domination don't come naturally to me - but I'm trying my best!


Here, you can find some examples of my work as an animator/artist/super villain as well as a few recent projects!

In any case, take a look around - I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!*

*assuming you are looking for videos of cartoon cats shooting robot birds

This is my updated animation showreel


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Just want to say hi? Have any tips to assist me on my journey of becoming a notorious super villain? Concerns for my mental health? Job offers? Please fill out the form on the "About" page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!





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Here I am (completely casually) inspecting one of the model buildings I created for an as-of-yet unreleased segment of Fluffball & Mimi. The buildings were hand-made with poster/corkboard and painted with acrylic, my brilliant golden hair was styled by yours truly, and the entire blue screen and lighting setup was lent by my good friend Adrian Hernandez! Adrian also deserves the credit for this epic photo of me. You can view some of his awesome work on his website!: www.hernandezmedia.org

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