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Although I predominately animate/design content for animation, here are a few examples of concept design, etc. that I have made in recent years!


New Camelot is an industrial mega-city consisting of multiple asteroids daisy-chained by terraforming cables. It is governed by Queen Jennifer from her circular holotable.

MARAX Command is the militant antithesis to New Camelot. Cold and sterile, MARAX predominately uses its twin planets Oriax and Furcas to mass-produce its utilitarian war machines in its ongoing effort to completely monopolize the star system.

The Spire is far more advanced than the other two factions and far more mysterious. Its citizens possess powers exceeding traditional comprehension and are indistinguishable from true "magic."


Fluffball & Mimi required a substantial amount of pre-production in order to achieve a uniform look (especially considering its multiple animation mediums). 


Creating these character turnarounds proved invaluable in depicting the eponymous characters consistently over its four segments. I'm definitely glad I started by making them!

Also shown here are some animation tests for individual alien combatants found on the Starship Windward.


Not really sure how to categorize these guys, but here are an assortment of random gifs, background art, and character designs I had on my computer!

These were predominately made for fun and served no higher purpose.

*artistic merit subject to interpretation


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