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In the Summer of 2016, I went to Staples to get my iPhone fixed. They returned it after two weeks, and one week after that my Apple ID was remotely accessed and used to wipe all data from my computers.

I lost most of my library of animated shorts in the attack, and I believed poor little Cheryl was one of its victims. Luckily, I later learned that I had posted an unlisted "draft" version to my YouTube account. Although the raw files were lost (and the "draft" was only exported as 1280x720), I was able to salvage this cartoon from this post, seen below!

My original website was built off Tumblr, and I built its whole design around "Cheryl the Hedgehog" as that was the animation I had been working on at the time. You can still visit my old website!

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 3.49.29 PM.png

I cold-casted a number of "Cheryl" figurines for my friends back in 2015, mostly because it was something I really wanted to learn how to do. The video below was made by my friend Adrian Hernandez after I gave him a number of Cheryl minis!

My good friend Adrian Hernandez created this bizarre video after I gave him a collection of my mini hedgehogs!  It's a work of art and your life is incomplete until you see it.

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